There are many services provided by our Church. You can Join us and help us !! 
Youth Ministry

"Youth Ministry is important in the life of the Church! In this grace-filled moment, you and I are called, by the Lord, to do this important ministry. Our goal is to help teens follow Christ with all of their life. We are not just trying to reach teens, we are also trying to shape them to look more like Jesus. This is not hype. We see this happen by leading teens to engage in worship, study God’s Word through relevant teaching, and process faith through small group led by adult mentors. Our hope is to lead teens to be followers of Jesus with all their life.

Sunday School

Sunday School helps children respect, appreciate and utilize the Bible. Reverence for God’s written words doesn’t come naturally, sadly. A healthy Sunday classroom environment, centered around the Bible, will elevate its importance in a child’s life.

Sunday School teaches children how to navigate the Bible. If a child joins the Scouts, the Scoutmaster doesn’t hand him a 400 page map and say, “Good luck!” Sunday School teachers don’t just teach Bible stories, they show a child how to utilize the concordance and give a basic understanding of the Bible’s books and overall format.


Prayer Meetings
A prayer meeting is a time of real value as believers seek a deep intimacy and quiet communion with God at His throne. It is a time of unity with fellow believers in the presence of the Lord. It is a time to care for those around us as we share their burdens. It is a time when God manifests His never-ending love and desire to communicate with those who love Him.